Free Hikes

Free Hikes around Machachi

Below you can find places to walk on your own, please bring warm clothes, food, water and a cell phone with a full battery and have a map that does not need an internet connection.

Tesalia - Hike

History says that from the glaciers of Cotopaxi the water goes inside the earth and is born in Machachi, now there is a water factory that distributes to the whole of Ecuador, there is also a pool but it is not hot water, only warm. The hike is around 2 hours trekking to the thermal springs of Cotopaxi.

Corazón Volcano - Climb

To ascend this Volcano you must take a HELMET, food and water, also waterproof clothing, the climb takes around 7 hours round trip, make sure you have a map or application route on your cell phone.