How to get to Machachi

There are 3 ways to get to Machachi from Quito, by bus, taxi or car

Machachi is known as the avenue of volcanoes, because it has 9 volcanoes in the surroundings including Cotopaxi Volcano.

By Bus

Get Machachi town, it is easy, for safety you must take a taxi to a large circle/roundabout called “El Trébol” sector of the MARIN, if you prefer you can take a bus, but this must pass through “El Trébol ” But be careful with your belongings.
After arriving at the large circle called “El Trébol” sector of the MARÍN, look for the bus stop for “Machachi” ask the people and they will tell you where it is. There are 2 companies CARLOS BRITO and MEJIA in this bus stop you have to queue/queue because there are many people, the buses leave every 15 minutes and in about 1 hour you will arrive to Machachi town, the cost is ($ 0,75) per person, Machachi is a valley in the middle of the most beautiful mountains of Ecuador.
You can follow this link through Google Maps to locate “El Trébol” and the exact point where to take the bus:

By Taxi

Compared to local taxis, UBER is cheaper, please book one that have good feedback for safety.

From around $15

By Car

You can use different digital maps like: Google Maps, Waze etc…

Machachi Valley Information

The Machachi Valley, known as the valley of the 9 volcanoes, is a quiet town where you can get a proper acclimatization process to climb the Cotopaxi Volcano, in this valley you will find mountains of all levels, there are several volcanoes, among the most famous we have the following: